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StPeteClearwaterVacationRentals.com operates under the parent company Teeming Vacation Rentals (TeemingVR) which specializes in managing and marketing vacation rental properties. Nobody can drive more revenue to your vacation rental property like TeemingVR. We are “teeming” with activity and handle over 100,000 inquiries a year. Since our inception in spring of 2013, we have done over $8 million in sales. Tap into the collective advertising power of our network and gain the market-busting visibility that will attract qualified guests.

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We have a 5 property approach that makes us (and you) successful in our partnership.

More Condo Marketing and Revenue? We make it Easy!

Here is a simple summary of our philosophy. (Be sure to read the About Us page to learn our history.) We always welcome an email or phone call 727.565.4686.

Marketing is the basis of any sales organization’s success. You can do everything else right, but if you have no customers it won’t work. We strategically market on sites like VRBO, HomeAway, VacationRentals.com and TripAdvisor; generating 100,000 leads in the past year. We have an automated, intuitive email response system, as well as email marketing programs. All of this translates into an incredible amount of exposure for each property in our network.

Availability is the key so that once those prospects get to you, you actually answer the phone! Our latest findings are that the highest volume of travel reserved online is between 8-9 pm. Those guests have questions and guess what – we are here to answer them all hours of the day and evening.

Property Care There are 2 things that must happen when a guest arrives at your rental property: 1. It must be clean. 2. Everything must function properly. These 2 factors greatly determine their satisfaction. These are just a couple of things to meet guest expectations. Click here for a FREE copy of our Owner’s Guide: Practical Ways to Maximize Your Vacation Rental Revenue and click to download our redecorating publication Revive Your Property, Recharge Your Revenue. We have redone 40 vacation rentals in the past year and a half. To see some before and after photos of our work click Revive Recharge Before and After.

We can help you do the work! We have staff that can equip your unit to better perform. Our ReDesign services often DOUBLE owners revenue. To see the short presentation click ReDesign Services.

We have a fleet of vans which help serve our guests. Our 25 staff includes 2 full-time on-site maintenance personnel and 3 inspectors.

Account Services keep you informed as to what is going on with your condo and account. We have 24 hour owner login to block out personal time; as well as view reservations, statements, and payment history.

Technology makes all the above work. We have built software that automatically replies to all inquiry emails within a few seconds of its arrival and offers other rentals if the one they inquired about is already reserved.

Here are a few of our implemented strategies…

  • Strategic placement of online ads with VRBO.com, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, VacationRentals.com and other ad sites
  • We handle over 100,000 inquiries on average a year
  • We don’t “ding” you for credit card fees. No matter how guests pay- our commission is 21%.
  • Guests pay cleaning and tax over and above their rental fees
  • Responses to inquiries (within 5 seconds)
  • We offer a rental guaranteed revenue program as an option
  • We have a sophisticated pricing model along with Yield Management of rates
  • Email marketing programs

Here are some points summarizing what we do…

And one more thing. Since you have gotten this far, you hopefully like what you see….
Ease of Change We have found many property owners worry about changing to a new management company. At StPeteClearwaterVacationRentals.com, we make the transition seamless and simple for clients joining us from other companies. Existing reservations are honored so no income is lost. The change is easy and quick!
We are very open with our fees and agreement as you can see from above. To review our agreement just drop us an email and we will send it out to you.

If you would like to hear what some of our owners have commented about our services, we will gladly share these with you upon request. Here are some owner’s comments…

We have a beautiful location on the Gulf in St. Pete Beach, but for some reason our Unit was struggling to get rental attention. Since ‘teeming’ up with Teeming Vacation Rentals, our luck has completely changed. We gave it a facelift with the guidance of Gina and Jeff, and now we not only get 5 star reviews, but WE ARE BOOKED! Thank you guys and your staff for helping us polish our little diamond in the rough. It’s truly sparkling again!
~ Judy and Paul Deasy

Dear Jeff Paglialonga and the staff at Teeming Vacation Rentals,
We have just started using your services in January.  This is our only property outside of our home in New York.  We have never used a management service before, but we have been unable to use the condo lately, so we thought we’d try it.  We were a little nervous about putting the condo in your hands, having never met and living so far away.
Let me just say how happy we are.  Your service has been nothing but professional.  Timely responses to concerns, quick replies to urgent issues, lots of handholding and guidance the first few weeks, nice, patient and pleasant to deal with, beautiful website, total transparency, generous, tasteful, and thoughtful on bringing the unit up to par for renting, and the best part -terrific income.
We would be glad to offer our recommendation to anyone thinking about hiring you.  My only regret is that we did not do it sooner!
Thank you. Deborah & Matt Lang, PAG#3, St Pete Beach/Pass-a-Grille

Your expertise top to bottom in managing and renovating these properties is unparalleled. Janet and I are so happy we came on board. It has been a pleasure working with your whole team. Both units were renovated efficiently and decorated to a standard we could not have imagined. You are making the beach a more beautiful place to visit one unit at a time. Thank You,  Marc Volpe

Teeming is so far ahead of the competition. So nice to work with people who get it! Wouldn’t want to partner with anyone else. I also appreciate your tips about pool and water toys. Thanks for doing what you do!❤     Natalie Gallays, 5 Units with TeemingVR          Allow me to echo Nat’s sentiments. You ‘guys’ ROCK! Ed Stapor (husband)

We switched to StPeteClearwaterVacationRentals.com having received a mailing from them. Their description of their services seemed too good to be true, but it turned out to be more than justified. As overseas owners, we were keen to have an agent that would look after our unit in a way that would offer a complete service with as little hassle as possible. Jeff and Gina took over, refurbished our unit in record time, and brought in, even in low-season, an impressive number of new clients. Their rental conditions are very reassuring for owners and their website offers constantly updated and a fully transparent view of bookings and cash flow from renters. There are also plenty of photos and information on the amenities both in the unit and in the local area. Needless to say, he also set us up quickly on sites such as VRBO etc. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Jeff and his courtesy and efficiency are outstanding. We just wish we had known about him earlier. Now we feel really comfortable in looking forward to having many more contented renters and a much-improved return on the unit.    Peter and Helen, Beach Cottage 2402

Thank you so much.  I sure hit the Jackpot when I met you and your bride.    Best regards,  Julie Chenery  MBR603

Once again, cone great job with your system but most of all for all the guests you have sent my way.  I am very pleased with your operation.   Jane Mason MBR508

Just wanted to say thanks! We saw we got another reservation yesterday and how much revenue we are up to for this year. Your whole team has been friendly and easy to work with and we haven’t had the headaches we had with our previous PM so that makes us happy! Have a great weekend!    Lisa Wunsch CPNC402

We do offer rental management services for entire complexes. Have your Board President contact us if they have any interest.

Complete the form below to contact us and schedule a quick and confidential discussion of your needs or for a more detailed look into our approach to vacation rental management.

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More Owner Testimonials

See what our happy Owners have to say about us! “Teeming” with Testimonials….

I am very impressed, you certainly know what it takes to run a successful business in today’s environment. As an owner, dealing with your staff has been a pleasure. Keep up the great work! Gerry Hill

Jeff and Gina thanks for a great and informative note. You guys are moving fast and your abundance of energy is contagious. We are very happy for your continued growth and obvious successes you continue to experience. Your continued hard work is oblivious.

Thanks for your continued TLC at Sea Gate in watching over our 404 and 406.

You guys are the best. Merry Christmas Jeff and Gina to both of you and your family!! Sandy and Sandy

Thank you, and I am proud to be one of your first customers. You have been spot on with all your advice and input. Harold and Stephanie

…Jeff, Gina and their team have taken the hassle out of renting our condo. Not only do they rent our condo AT TOP DOLLAR, they see to all the details of renting our unit, from managing the marketing and booking to replacing beach towels and chairs. Jeff and Gina promise and provide great service for the renters and great results for owners. Ellen and Jim Paine

The initial startup was a breeze and they really worked hard on getting my property up and running. Their online service is by far the best out there. It is amazing how big their network is and knowing that your property is getting exposed to all different types of sites makes a huge difference. I especially love the online booking and account services that TeemingVR provides. No longer do I feel left in the dark with my property management company. I can easily login to my account and see statements, bookings, photos and much more. I could not be happier with my decision to switch to TeemingVR for my rental property. Michael Dmytryk

Perhaps the best part of my arrangement with Teeming Vacation Rentals is their personalized service and responsiveness to me as a property owner… Finally, I have found a property management group that works continually to allow me and my condo to reach its potential. I look forward to a continued pleasant and profitable relationship working with Teeming Vacation Rentals. Charles D. Little 

I am thrilled with my decision to switch leasing agents from my previous manager to Teeming Vacation Rentals in August of 2013! My last manager had told me that I would be lucky to get ANY rental revenue for the second half of 2013. After switching to Teeming Vacation Rentals and their more modern marketing approach, I had over $10,000 of rental revenue for the last 5 months of 2013 after the switch! The commission and marketing expenses are higher with Teeming but the net result to me is significantly better. I was also concerned about off-site management vs. onsite but the Teeming service has been superior in every way. The staff (including Jeff the owner) is friendly, knowledgeable and reachable! Jeff Lemajeur

We switched to StPeteClearwaterVacationRentals.com having received a mailing from them. Their description of their services seemed too good to be true, but it turned out to be more than justified.

As overseas owners, we were keen to have an agent that would look after our unit in a way that would offer a complete service with as little hassle as possible. Jeff and Gina took over, refurbished our unit in record time, and brought in, even in low-season, an impressive number of new clients. Their rental conditions are very reassuring for owners and their website offers constantly updated and a fully transparent view of bookings and cash flow from renters. There are also plenty of photos and information on the amenities both in the unit and in the local area.
Needless to say, he also set us up quickly on sites such as VRBO etc. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Jeff and his courtesy and efficiency are outstanding. We just wish we had known about him earlier. Now we feel really comfortable in looking forward to having many more contented renters and a much improved return on the unit. Peter and Helen O’Flynn

I have had the great pleasure of having Teeming Vacation Rentals manage my property for me for a couple of years now. During this time, I have seen my total rental income come alive! I attribute this to all the careful suggestions to help boost my business in addition to the great skills and knowledge of the entire “teem!”… You are the best at what you do! Janis Boyd

Hi Jeff and Gina, we just had to let you know what a great job you’re doing with the unit, we can’t  believe how much it is being rented even in the hot summer, because of what  you do we no longer need to sell. We can now look forward to spending winters there when we retire, thank you both. Mary and Marcel    

For many years I managed my own rental and I was somewhat successful with a good amount of effort on my part.  For this past year, I decided to turn the property management over to Teeming Vacation Rentals…I was immediately impressed with Teeming’s professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail.  And so far (8 months), they’ve been able to earn me as much rental income as I did even after all fees are netted out.  And there is a good chance that they will earn me more still since it is only August. I never had any luck renting it in the fall so I am anxious to see what they can do.   And that comes with little involvement from me as they handle all aspects of the rental process and then Teeming make deposits directly into my account twice monthly.  I certainly don’t miss the emergency calls from tenants as they are almost exclusively handled by the Teeming Group.  Bottom line, more money for a lot less work sounds like a great business relationship to me. Al and Karen Pollock

I had been disappointed with the rental quantity and income produced on my condo. I was considering selling this negative income property.  I wanted to keep my condo because I love the area. I had in my mind what was needed: a better description of the amenities – what my condo and community have to offer the vacationer, better pictures actually showing the beautiful condo decor & accessories and a more current way of using the internet to reach a broader vacation seeking audience. Teeming Vacation Rentals answered my questions, made some suggestions, took professional-looking pictures and had the websites updated and online in one week’s time.  The results speak for themselves. I had my first rental the next day after the websites went live. In less than one week, I have confirmed booked rentals that almost equal my previous year’s income – and next summer’s family season has not been booked yet. Thanks, the future looks brighter for keeping my condo and continuing to vacation there. Chares Fussell

There were many vacation rental property companies to choose from when we were looking to rent out our home… and we wanted to pick one that would take care of it like we would, as well as earn us income.  The team at Teeming Vacation Rentals have exceeded our expectations.  All of the guests have commented on how clean the house has been.  Minor repairs and issues have been taken care of promptly and professionally.  Communication with the whole staff has been easy and clear.  We appreciate all their continued efforts, and we are pleased to have them manage our home rental in St. Augustine, FL. The income it has brought us has allowed us to use the property and pay for expenses, I would not hesitate to recommend Teeming Vacations to anyone. Karen Matlaga & Mike McDade

To say we are happy with TeemingVR is putting it mildly. They have been such a blessing to us. They are a comprehensive company that caters to all property management needs. Jeff & Gina helped us fully renovate and decorate our condo rental and told us what amenities to get to help attract guests (such as kayaks, bikes and paddleboards). They have also done a fantastic job of keeping our unit rented throughout the year, allowing us to maximize the profit on our investment. They have perfected this process of managing rentals while balancing it with great customer service and attentiveness to all that they deal with. We highly recommend TeemingVR for all your property management needs. Ray & Mary Muller

“We first met Jeff & Gina over a year ago. We had previously had some poor experiences with our current management company and were considering changing to a new company. We ended up waiting to change, thinking that things might improve (i.e. better revenue, better guests, more bookings, better property care…). March of this year (2016), we met with Jeff & Gina again, deciding to switch management of our beach condo to Teeming Vacation Rentals. Our condo was photographed and up on their website in days, with more bookings and revenue than before. Our only regret is that we didn’t proceed with the switched when we originally met them. As a side note, through a photo collage on our condo wall, we realized we unknowingly shared a close mutal friend. Small world!” Walter Betton 

As an owner of one of the condos at Sea Breeze, I highly recommend Jeff, Gina and their staff at Teeming Vacation Rentals as your property managers.  They have worked hard to insure that my place is rented almost all year long, making it cash flow much easier.  They and their staff answer questions quickly, make repairs timely, and must be great with the renters as I never hear a complaint or see a written one.  They also made many suggestions to me, early on, as to how I could make inexpensive updates that would increase the occupancy rates of my condo and they worked!  I have had a few minor mantainence issues but they have fixed them in a timely manner.  Jeff and his staff are good about making maintenance suggestions as well.

I am made aware of all renters, the rates they pay, and am given a bi-monthly statement with direct deposit of any revenue into my account, all making this a very hassle-free experience.  If I ever have a question, the staff answers promptly and thoroughly either via email or phone.

Since I live in the Midwest, I appreciate all the services that the staff at Teeming Vacation Rentals provide.  It wouldn’t be the positive experience it is, without them. Nancy Denker, Sea Breeze 702 Owner

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to take the opportunity to let you know how estatic I have been with my experience with Teeming VR in managing my Harbor House condo.  As you know, my previous property manager lacked effective marketing which left my revenue lacking.  In addition, I never received feedback from the tenants to help me make my unit the best possible experience for the guests to help encourage return and repeat bookings.  I actually had begun to question the wisdom of my investment purchase in Treasure Island.  My unit was frequently empty and my attempts with changing marketing approach were met with resistance and I was told there are just some really slow times that there aren’t really going to be bookings.

When I finally decided to make a change, your company had such a well thought out a plan of action to make my unit the most successful it could possibly be.  From photos, to marketing, to suggestions for the unit, to the guest booking and renting process, to the aftercare and feedback, every facet was considered and planned for.  I felt the marketing plan was comprehensive and my contact with you left me very confident that you were well prepared to turn the performance of the property around.  You assured me that not only were there plentiful guests available to rent my underutilized property, but that my unit was very desirable to the vacation market and you indicated you could and would double my gross revenue.

Well, fast forward a year and a half.  Now that I have been with Teeming VR, not only has my revenue indeed doubled (more than that actually….almost triple)….but the proactive nature that Teeming VR has adopted to ensure the property is not only rented, but is well appointed, clean, and pleasing in every way to the guests has me delighted and I rejoice in the day I finally decided to join the Teeming VR family.  Your staff is responsive, engaged, and truly a wonderful group of people to do business with regardless of whether it relates to guests, bookings, maintenance or account questions.  I am impressed with some of the proactive and innovative ways you self assess, like arranging a random inspection to my unit after its been cleaned and not only determining what your own successes and areas that need improvement, but also passing the inspection results on to me as the owner as a sort of report card on your own cleaning and maintenance service.  I thought it was a wonderful tool.  Your company has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with and I am excited for what the future brings.  My choice to invest in the Gulf Coast turns out to be a wise choice with the right team in partnership with me.  I have a wonderful vacation spot that also brings a great income when I am not using it.   Thank you SO much for everything from your hard work, attentiveness, and even friendship!

I look forward to continuing our successful partnership!”   Maggie Prichard, Harbor House 25

The colourful easy to read TeemingVR newsletters caught my attention. I kept them all and when we decided to rent out our unit I immediately contacted Jeff Paglialonga. Living in the UK I needed to feel confident that we were placing our property in the right hands. I made a trip out to Florida last October, met with Jeff and his lovely wife Gina and was instantly impressed. They gave the unit a quick makeover and had it rented out by January. A year on we will hit our income target and are confident on increasing it next year.  Jeff, Gina and their whole team are a delight to work with.  Queries are instantly dealt with politely and payments are made on time. I am happy to recommend them and would encourage anyone to give them a go.  Hayley Lindsay, Lighthouse Pointe 101