Perfect vacation bungalow!

If you and your family are looking for that perfect beach getaway, look no further than Bungalow Beach Place. We have favorite condo we stay at in Destin, but family wanted to try different location and I’m glad we did! The first impression is how the property is clean and well maintained, with the 8 unit condos on the beach and the five palm trees that are out front of your balcony, with zoysia grass in between units and palm trees, Beautiful! The property supplies you the free use of bikes, chairs, umbrellas, ice, washer/dryer, fire pit with supplied wood, and grilles. The beach is where the big difference is between this place and Destin, the beach at this location was not overly crowded at all on our stay, Amazing! Our last day at the Bungalow I witnessed and gentlemen asking everyone how there stay was while he was picking up around the beach and picking small weeds from the grass area! I thought to myself this guy cares. I told this gentlemen that he needs to relax, he laughed and stated that he was making sure everything looked great, I stated you must be the owner, he agreed and said to me proudly that five different landscapers stated zoysia grass would not grow on the beach. So if you are looking for that perfect condo on the beach, look no further than Bungalow Beach Club.