Top 5 Clearwater Beaches In St. Petersburg

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Best Beaches Near Tampa

1st Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is a hotspot for beach volleyball, water sports, and family activities like pirate ship cruises and boat tours. Check out the free family events such as Sunset at Pier 60 Festival (2 hours before sunset to 2 hours after) and Sunset Cinema at Pier 60 (Movies begin at dusk) (727-449-1036).

2nd Caladesi & Honeymoon Islands

These pristine barrier island parks are renowned for their white sand and abundant wildlife. Note Caladesi Island is only accessible by boat or ferry. (Caladesi Island Ferry 727-734-5263.) (For Honeymoon Island State Park information contact 727-469-5918.)

3rd Fort De Soto Park

Kids love all area beaches, but at Fort De Soto Park they can mix beach time with fishing, paddling, hiking, biking, camping, and exploring a historic fort. A daily parking fee (@ $5) is collected at the Welcome Station. (727-582-2267)

4th Pass-A-Grille

Quaint, casual Pass-A-Grille has no high-rises or beachfront development, giving it an especially carefree feel. Pass-A-Grille beach is surrounded by some of the oldest and most historic buildings in Pinellas County. This community was founded by Buccaneers. (727-403-6136)

5th Sunset Beach

This beach on Treasure Island is known for its welcoming attitude and mellow atmosphere. You’ll find beachfront bars and all amenities you need.

Beach Safety Tips:
Use sunscreen (at least 15 SPF), Drink plenty of water (to guard against dehydration), Obey posted signs and flags, Shuffle feet to avoid Sting Rays in surf, learn rip current safety (if caught in rip current, swim parallel to shore until current relaxes), and Enter water feet first.

Best Beaches Near Tampa Stingrays are common in the shallow waters of the Pinellas County coastline. These fish typically spend time along the sea floor, sometimes partially covered by sand. While they are not aggressive, stingrays will sting with their tail when stepped on. Gina didn’t know this on our first trip to the Gulf. She got stung on our 1st Anniversary celebration trip and ended up in the hospital!

To avoid a sting, beachgoers are urged to do the stingray shuffle, which simply involves shuffling feet and kicking up sand when wading into coastal waters, rather than taking full steps. Practicing the stingray shuffle at local beaches can prevent injuries to people and to the stingrays that live along Pinellas County waters.