What is the Weather Like in the St. Pete Clearwater Area?

Planning a trip to St. Pete Clearwater, Florida? We can’t wait to have you! Now that you’ve decided where you’re going to be vacationing, the next thing to figure out is when you plan to come. You can have an incredible time in our Clearwater Beach rentals any time of year, but your preferred time will likely depend heavily on the weather. Here, we’ve got a full breakdown of what to expect for each season of St. Pete Clearwater weather.

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As you’d probably expect, winter is the coldest time of the year in St. Pete Clearwater, but it doesn’t get nearly as cold as what other parts of the United States experience. During December, January, and February, temperatures tend to range from the mid-50s to the low 70s. The mornings and evenings typically call for a light jacket, but you should be comfortable in a t-shirt during the day.

Winter is the dry season in St. Pete, so you won’t have to worry about your plans getting rained out. Throughout the winter months, the average chance of rain rarely gets above 20%, so you’d be safe to leave the umbrella behind.


Spring in St. Pete Clearwater is a time of change, to say the least. Throughout March and April, temperatures can get as low as 60, but as Memorial Day approaches, high temperatures can creep near 90. This season is good for outdoor activities, but you still might want to grab a jacket in the cooler mornings and evenings. 

The majority of spring is still considered a dry season,  but the end of May tells a different story. Average daily rain chances can approach 40% as spring comes to a close.

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It’s probably no surprise to hear that summer is the hottest time of year in St. Pete Clearwater. During June, July, and August, temperatures can range from the low 70s to the low 90s. Summer is definitely the season where you want to pack the short sleeves and sunblock and spend plenty of time on the beaches in St. Pete Clearwater!

The good news is that summer is also the wet season. You might think this sounds like a bad thing, but trust us. Most of the rain comes in the form of afternoon showers, which can help to relieve that oppressive heat and bring in some cooler weather as the sun is setting. On average, the daily chance of rain in the summer is 60-70%.


Finally, things start to cool back down in the autumn months, which is why many people think Fall is the best time to visit St. Pete Clearwater. September and October can still see temperatures as high as the mid-80s, but by November, it’s not unusual to see lows dip down into the 60s. As in the spring, you can get away with both indoor and outdoor activities in this season, but it helps to be prepared for any weather.

September sees more rain on average than the other two months of fall. In September, average daily rain chances hover around 40%, but by November, that chance can be as low as 15%. Just be aware of the specific month in which you plan to visit for the most accurate forecast.

No matter when you choose to visit St. Pete Clearwater, there’s tons to see and do! The area is full of beautiful beaches and gorgeous nature sites for those hot days, but you can still find indoor activities like museums and exhibits that are perfect for escaping a rainstorm or the colder weather. Luckily, we offer luxurious St. Pete Clearwater and Indian Shores rentals all year long! Contact us today to get started planning your dream vacation!