Where To Ride Horses On The Beach In St. Pete Clearwater

St. Pete Clearwater is the ideal getaway spot. Crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, and a great downtown scene are only a short walk away from beachfront rentals in Clearwater, FL. Did you know sunning, swimming, and snorkeling aren’t the only activities you can enjoy on the beach? You can also go horseback riding on St. Pete Beach!

What to Expect 

riders on horses near our st pete beach rentals

You can expect to have a lot of fun horseback riding near Clearwater, FL. It’s exhilarating, especially when you get to swim with the horses. 

St. Pete weather is almost always sunny, though temperatures do change with the season. You may want to stick with beach trail rides in the winter with temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees. Highs can reach into the high 80s in the spring and rise into the 90s in the summer. The summer is the perfect time to go swimming with the horses, even though the chances of rain increase up to 70%. Make sure to check the forecast before booking a ride!

Fall is the best time to go horseback riding on St. Pete Beach with temperatures in the low to mid-80s, dipping into the 60s at night. Humidity is lower, along with rain chances, allowing for a perfect day.

Where To Ride A Horse On The Beach

Riders enjoying a horseback tour near our st pete beach rentals

There are two local stables near our vacation rentals that offer horseback riding tours on the beach. Riding is a fun and relaxing way to soak up the sun and make a new friend. Book a tour to swim with the horses for an unforgettable experience! After your horseback adventure, you stay up close and personal with the wildlife by taking a dolphin tour in St. Pete as well!

Cypress Breeze Farms

The mission of Cypress Breeze Farms is to not only provide people with wonderful experiences they will never forget, but also to give the best care possible to the draft horses, keeping them happy as well. They even pair you with the horse that will suit you the best. Designed for riders at all skill levels, it’s a great way to see more of the beach. 

Cypress Breeze Farms offers trail and beach rides. Trail rides take you through the top-rated horse park in the state. The beach ride is a unique experience. Ride on the sand and in the shallow water until it’s time to swim. Your horse will wade out to the sandbar and you’ll learn a little about the bay’s ecology, from there your horse will swim you back to shore. 

The beach horseback riding stables are minutes away in St. Pete on the North Skyway. There are two daily rides at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. All must be booked in advance and the cost per person for horseback riding on the beach is $150, with a picture included in the fee. 

horses on the st pete beach near our st pete beach rentals

C Ponies

The horses at C Ponies are special because 90% of the farm’s Drum and Gypsy horses are rescues. Their commitment to the care and comfort of the horses here is evident in all they do. A portion of each ride fee goes to helping other horses. 

You can go on a daytime beach trail and swimming ride or wait until evening. The sunset beach ride is an amazing experience. Watching the sunset over the Gulf from horseback on the sandbar is an image you will never forget!

C Ponies is a short distance away from St. Pete in Bradenton at 8400 Manatee Ave W. The Platinum Excursion or day ride is $140 per rider. The Sunset Platinum Excursion is $150 for each person.

Take a Horseback Ride On The Beach

Horseback riding on one of the beaches in the St. Pete Clearwater area will make your trip even more memorable, especially when swimming with beautiful creatures. Whether you go during the day or at sunset, you’ll be glad you left the luxury of your Clearwater Beach rental for a couple of hours.