Why is Fall the Best Time to Visit St. Pete Clearwater?

If you’re considering a vacation to St. Pete Clearwater, you’re probably wondering what season it would be best to visit. While St. Pete is an incredible vacation destination any time of year, we would highly recommend a visit during the fall. There’s never been a better time to plan your trip! Here are all of the reasons of why you should be planning your getaway to our Clearwater Beach rentals in the fall.

couple dancing on the beach

Amazing Weather

As you can probably expect, summertime in St. Pete Clearwater is wonderful, but the weather can be extra hot and high humidity often brings afternoon showers. However, by visiting St. Pete Clearwater in the fall, you get to take advantage of some of the best whether the area has all year.

Throughout the fall months of September, October, and November, St. Pete Clearwater experiences typical high temperatures in the 80s and low temperatures in the 70s. It’s still warm enough for you to head to the beach and enjoy your time in the water, but it’s not so hot that you will be sweaty and uncomfortable all day long. The rain chance also drastically drops in the fall, so you won’t have to change your plans because something gets rained out.

Lower Rates

During the summertime, prices for rental properties on St. Pete Clearwater tend to be at their highest. Summer is by far the busiest season for this area, and property owners are well aware of this fact, so the high demand breeds a higher price for vacationers.

In the fall, however, the situation is much different. Many families have returned to work or school, and most of the tourist areas are relatively quiet. Rental property owners still need to make a living, however, so they are willing to drop their prices to try to get people in the door. The benefits here go directly to you, since you can snag an incredible rental property at a fraction of the regular price.

couple on the shore

Less Crowds

As we mentioned, summertime is by far the busiest season for St. Pete Clearwater. During the summer, it’s not uncommon for you to have to search far and wide for a spot on the shoreline, wait for a table at your favorite restaurant, or have to make a reservation days in advance to get into an attraction. While it can be fun to vacation with so many others, it is important to have plenty of room to spread out on the beaches of St. Pete.

However, crowds in the fall are few and far between, allowing you to visit whatever attraction you please with no wait. You can almost always get into any restaurant you please, and you’ll find that your entire vacation feels much less stressed and rushed without having to fight the crowds. Not to mention the fact that it’s much easier to keep up with your kids when you aren’t in a big crowd, so you can give them the freedom to explore without worrying for their safety.


Finally, St. Pete Clearwater has tons of fun activities and events for you and your family to take advantage of during the fall. Especially if you’re visiting around a holiday such as Halloween or Thanksgiving, you’ll find even more festivities to take part in. Maybe you can even start a new family tradition for the holidays once you’re inspired by your visit to St. Pete! From the Savor St. Pete Food and Drink Festival to Bert’s St. Pete Beach BikeFest, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Have we convinced you that you should spend some time in St. Pete Clearwater this fall? You’ll need a place to stay! Contact us today to learn more about our Indian Shores rentals and all of our other properties in and around St. Pete Clearwater!